Of an idea is born a product

Thanks to the determination of people fascinated in the quality work, OCX participated in the development of a new border of solar refill for the company Greenerlife. The mandate granted to OCX is to participate in the complete management of the development of a new product dedicated to the refill of electric device of any kind:

– Ideation
– Prototypes and first concepts
– Market study
– Cost estimate
– Tests of validation
– Qualification of the suppliers

During this process, OCX bound himself in the values and the needs expressed by the customer by making sure to respect schedules planned in the beginning of mandate. Thanks to the use of tools specialized in CAD and the 3D printing, OCX could realize several prototypes which were presented to the team of Greenerlife. This product, of a new kind, joins in the contribution of a new offer of product supplying with the energy any time in the environmental protection. With this premise dictated by the team of Greenerlife, OCX made sure to choose materials completely recyclable in the realization of these equipments.

Dedicated to the events and the street furniture, Greenerlife brings a new offer in the field of the green energies.

For further information, visit : http://greener-life.ca/