Metrology and 3D printing – A unique marriage

With our department metrology and our service of 3D impression, never it was so simple to develop the adapted equipment. OCX put of the front innovative methods to optimize the processes in this domain which requires requirements ceaselessly spicy. The development of equipment is a mattering stake to accelerate the processes of inspection. This allows to optimize the deadlines which do so that the department quality is often perceived as a bottleneck. With the realization of often complex specialized tools, the 3D impression was the optimal solution to manage to optimize the operations of inspection. The time of cycle was able to be reduced of about 50 %! This practice now became widespread in our processes to offer the best deadlines to our customers without compromising the required quality level.

With tools developed to measure, there is not compromise anymore in the validation of complex rooms and OCX insures the best efficiency on inspection which is. With a turnkey department, from the design to the manufacturing of equipment by 3D printing and the management of the department quality, OCX will bring profits at time and silver.

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